Friday, August 28, 2015

All paths Leeds to goal, the traveler is the issue !!

A very famous and near to my heart poem of Dr. Hrivansh Ray Bachhan “Rah pakad too yek chala ja pa jayega madhushala” meaning all paths leads to goal you choose any one and keep on going to get the goal. How wonderful thing!! The Indian Literatures in Vedas and Upanishads thousands of years ago have pronounced the same aspects for life. And felt amused when I realized that is pretty true in our business life as well. In the professional life In India we are pretty much confused on the ways to run a business. See in our companies today….they are adopting ISOs, they are doing 5 S, they are taking TS, they are going for 6 sigma, TQM, Lean and so many. No surprise at all there are many companies who has adopted all the systems known to them. But what is the out come ????? rejection is high, waste is high, customers are not happy…business results are disappointing. Where is the Gap???


                                                         6 sigma  a proven methodology saved millions of dollars in Motorola and GE and win business and customer satisfaction of uncountable scale what happened to it in India (leave certain outliers)?. The same story is about all the quality philosophies which has revolutionized rest of the word is failed in our country. Whether philosophy or the people are the problem?? In my opinion the people are real problem. The answer also lies in above lines. The attitude makes a difference. If apply with religious or if I say in my language with all the quality values to any philosophy in the work place there is no reason of failing in achieving the goal. A renowned consultant of Japan shared a story while his sessions in the India. He said that India is knowledge hub, the peoples know every aspect of management if you ask them how many have you applied ….it is zero. The real problem of the country lies here. We learn....learn…..learn and keep on learning, knowledge without application. Japanese may not know the concepts but you can witness it in the work place applied religiously. Knowledge without application has no value.  

                                                  What we really need is the application, what ever we know… what ever we learn not matters really unless we apply it. What India needs today is application of the knowledge. Fortunately we have the best knowledge resources of the world. We can jointly make wonder in all the fields by religious application of the learning’s and knowledge….lets do this!!!!


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quality values 3,4 and 5 !!

Continuing to my earlier post today we will discuss about remaining quality values 3; 4 and 5.

Quality Value 3: Religiousness towards work – work is worship!

Work is worship is very old saying with which we all have grown-up from our childhood. The approach of religiousness towards work means the same type of madness which fundamentalist person’s shows towards their views. Unless one is fundamental towards quality and quality management systems the improvement will always remain as oasis. We remain very cautious while worshiping but while working? It’s very amazing that we remain very tender and cautious while in temple where in actual we get nothing but at work place? Where we get everything basic for life we remain always in silly approach of “chalta hai”. “Chalta hai” approach is the mindset which is prohibiting India from revolutionary transformation.

If we really care about ourselves, family,

country and world we have to have religious

approach towards all the tasks we perform.

We have to put 100 % of ourselves. Otherwise we

Cannot achieve a state of dreams. Every day when we come for work place we should have no less feeling than going in a temple. Dealing with process should give us the same pleasure like chanting and “dhoop -arti” of god’s statue. How amazing it is that without knowing the meaning of many mantras and prayer songs we keep on chanting. What is that driving force which forces to do this? Of course a desire to improve from current situation or state. Here it never matters whether you know the meaning or not what matters is how religiously you chant and follow the worshiping process. That religious approach brings the confidence. Same is with your work and factory as well. If you have religious approach you will develop your own system, irrelevant to whether you know the ISO, Lean and so called management tools or not. What matters is your religious approach towards change. While doing this you will develop and achieve a process and product which will not only satisfy but delight your customers and stake holders.

Quality Value 4: Customer is God!

The customer is always right, you agree or disagree. He is the only who gives you food cloth and shelter not your boss or your company. If we see the brand valuation in the market, brands who shown the loyalty to customer became the

Popular one. In our Indian tradition saying “Guest is god

(atithi deo bhava)” is also applied same way on “Customer is god”

In both ways in terms of getting livelihood and prosperity both are

dependent of customer satisfaction. If we think deeply the prosperity

and piece only can be achieved through customer satisfaction irrelevant to

to whether it is professional life or social and personal. If every individual adapts this concept and focus on his own customer satisfaction the world will prosper and grow like anything. Mahatma Gandhi has given the most powerful thought on customer satisfaction which is based on the philosophy of guest is god. He says “A customer in our premises is the most valuable and auspicious guest. By serving him we are not doing any help to him, rather he is giving you the honor to serve” what an amazing thought. It is not a debate or bookie principle. It is practicable and real. Entire Indian philosophy is centered towards this concept.

On a customer complaint what is our normal reaction? Believe me our success in business or as a person is very result of that reaction. Customer is always right. He never complaints wrong. It may be in certain cases due to certain situations but still it is awakening sign to rethink on customer satisfaction strategy. What we really need is the approach of customer is god (which he really is). While dealing with customer we need to put ourselves in his position, the moment we do this our attitude and reaction will change. These principles may seem not practicable but in fact they are as practicable as anything else. The companies and persons who understand and adapt this they get success and prosperity in same ratio. When we start thinking this way the organization automatically becomes customer oriented and problems start eliminating, prosperity and growth begins.

Quality Value 5: Products are idols of god

What a powerful concept. Imagine (as Gandhi Ji wrote) a hotel owner should treat the customer as his own relatives, and serve them accordingly as it is done in India. The entire culture of that hotel will change. The customer satisfaction will result in greater way, and business will grow to any scale without limit. Many hotels who have adopted this concept (though very less they were able to digest) has written a remarkable success story. Even many organizations that brought in culture to do “Namaskaram” in Indian style has witness greater customer satisfaction than their competitors. I use to get amazed that many of Indian traditions fit very well in today’s business scenarios if adopted suitably and effectively.

Imagine if every employee treats the services or products of the organization as God, what will happen? Off course I am not indicating about the situation that they will start worshipping and stop the work, instead the entire value system and vision will change. What a greater saving organization will realize by reduced waste generation, handling issues and finally the infusion of Quality and value in the product will bring everything what an organization vision about. Quality and trust are not mechanical things. More than concepts they are values, culture and tradition to be inherited. Why organizations world over suffers? As Shiv Khera somewhere rightly said that “there is no business problem in the world only ATTITUDE problem”. Very true statement! “Either we want to do or we don’t, there is nothing in between”. What is an attitude is all about? a burning desire to perform and contribute creatively. But very important question is from where this belief will come? It can never be bought out or taken from outside it is always germinates from within. The thought that products are idol of god will create that attitude; will empower a performing and contributing culture.