Friday, August 28, 2015

All paths Leeds to goal, the traveler is the issue !!

A very famous and near to my heart poem of Dr. Hrivansh Ray Bachhan “Rah pakad too yek chala ja pa jayega madhushala” meaning all paths leads to goal you choose any one and keep on going to get the goal. How wonderful thing!! The Indian Literatures in Vedas and Upanishads thousands of years ago have pronounced the same aspects for life. And felt amused when I realized that is pretty true in our business life as well. In the professional life In India we are pretty much confused on the ways to run a business. See in our companies today….they are adopting ISOs, they are doing 5 S, they are taking TS, they are going for 6 sigma, TQM, Lean and so many. No surprise at all there are many companies who has adopted all the systems known to them. But what is the out come ????? rejection is high, waste is high, customers are not happy…business results are disappointing. Where is the Gap???


                                                         6 sigma  a proven methodology saved millions of dollars in Motorola and GE and win business and customer satisfaction of uncountable scale what happened to it in India (leave certain outliers)?. The same story is about all the quality philosophies which has revolutionized rest of the word is failed in our country. Whether philosophy or the people are the problem?? In my opinion the people are real problem. The answer also lies in above lines. The attitude makes a difference. If apply with religious or if I say in my language with all the quality values to any philosophy in the work place there is no reason of failing in achieving the goal. A renowned consultant of Japan shared a story while his sessions in the India. He said that India is knowledge hub, the peoples know every aspect of management if you ask them how many have you applied ….it is zero. The real problem of the country lies here. We learn....learn…..learn and keep on learning, knowledge without application. Japanese may not know the concepts but you can witness it in the work place applied religiously. Knowledge without application has no value.  

                                                  What we really need is the application, what ever we know… what ever we learn not matters really unless we apply it. What India needs today is application of the knowledge. Fortunately we have the best knowledge resources of the world. We can jointly make wonder in all the fields by religious application of the learning’s and knowledge….lets do this!!!!


Yours truly,


Mahesh Singh


bijoy pramanick said...

truly said it is we the people of India who are speed breakers for our own and nation progress, we all have to change our ATTITUDE .

महेश सिंह said...

thanks Dada for valuable comment !! :)