Friday, December 23, 2011

What is PQCDSM !!

In Office TPM Method, Each company will have to define for themselves, looking at all losses, which affect plant performance:

These are some examples:

P – Production output lost due to want of material

Manpower productivity

Production output lost due to want of tools

Q – Mistakes in preparation of cheques, bills, invoices, payroll

Customer returns/warranty attributable to BOPs

Rejection/rework in BOP’s/job work

Office area rework

C – Buying cost/unit produced

Cost of logistics – inbound/outbound

Cost of carrying inventory

Cost of communication
Demurrage costs
DEPB benefits – on time

D – Logistics losses(Delay in loading/unloading)

Delay in delivery due to any of the support functions

Delay in payments to suppliers

Delay in information

S – Safety in material handling/stores/logistics

Safety of soft and hard data

M – Number of kaizens in office areas.

In Broader way ,its a targets of TPM:

TPM Targets:


Obtain Minimum 80% OPE.

Obtain Minimum 90% OEE ( Overall Equipment Effectiveness )

Run the machines even during lunch. ( Lunch is for operators and not for machines ! )


Operate in a manner, so that there are no customer complaints.


Reduce the manufacturing cost by 30%.


Achieve 100% success in delivering the goods as required by the customer.

Maintain a accident free environment.


Increase the suggestions by 3 times. Develop Multi-skilled and flexible workers.

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