Friday, August 31, 2012

Quality Values to adapt!!!

There may be many values of good quality leader who inspired quality values across the organizations. In the modern scenario when competition is threatening every day the QA department is becoming a vital part of the organizations. QA department in a organization is not only a ‘guard of customer specs’ but has a crucial role in ensuring complete customer satisfaction. In modern industries QA plays a very important role in right from designing a component to designing the process till customer delivery.

There is huge literature available on modern quality management practices and deferent dimensions of it. Much has been discussed about quality and management system but incidentally the all discussion is about only product or process quality aspects. Probably this is the time to discuss the human side of quality, the human dimensions of quality. Ultimately all the system depends on human attitude. No good system can remain good for longer time without good people.

Quality plays a very important role in building the organizations image, and growth path. However unfortunately this is the most neglected area in many of the Indian organizations. Still a large no. of companies has got this traditional approach. Though due to market forces they are forced to establish a QA department but they fail in digesting the principles and values. “In my experience, most companies relate Cost of Poor Quality with internal scrap, rejects and external customer returns. However, the biggest prices of poor quality we pay are by the way of lost opportunities; for our companies, our industry and our nation”. Most highly successful businesses are founded and sustained on the basis of Quality and Trust. The trust is vital aspect to sustain growth. To inspire trust we need quality values to be embedded in our organizations DNA. The 5 major quality values in my opinion are:

1. Madness towards process approach

2. Dissatisfaction in status quo

3. Religiousness towards work

4. Customer is God

5. Products are idols of god

In the next post we will discuss on detail of these values till then happy learning !

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