Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Quality Value NO. 1: Madness towards Process Approach!

Seems little awkward but very relevant. You need to be fanatic about developing the process and adherence to them without any deviation. The madness towards process approach! This need to be in blood of every process owner and employees involved with. Designing a good process before launching the production is firm foundation for fulfilling customer commitments and reliable service. Unfortunately companies put almost negligible effort in developing the process and waste much time in postmortem. In India it is true! Unfortunately. If we study the project success ratio in different countries India ranks the poor off course. We lack the madness the fanaticism which required towards adhering the quality values, towards developing the process. Following chart is explaining the process of setting a firm process flow:

Voice of Customer: Relevant data from customer to understand the product.

Imaginary process planning: Utilize previous experience and customer data

Actual pilot lot run and corrections

Freezing the work flow diagrams and work instruction.

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