Friday, September 10, 2010

Indian Plastic Industry

The Plastics Industry in India has made significant achievements ever since it made a modest but promising beginning by commencing production of Polystyrene in 1957. The chronology of manufacture of polymers in India is summarised as under:-

- 1957-Polystyrene
- 1959-LDPE
- 1961-PVC
- 1968- HDPE
- 1978-Polypropylene
The potential Indian market has motivated Indian entrepreneurs to acquire technical expertise, achieve high quality standards and build capacities in various facets of the booming plastic industry. Phenomenal developments in the plastic machinery sector coupled with matching developments in the petrochemical sector, both of which support the plastic processing sector, have facilitated the plastic processors to build capacities to service both the domestic market and the markets in the overseas.

The plastic processing sector comprises of over 30,000 units involved in producing a variety of items through injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion and calendaring. The capacities built in most segments of this industry coupled with inherent capabilities has made us capable of servicing the overseas markets.

The economic reforms launched in India since 1991, have added further fillip to the Indian plastic industry. Joint ventures, foreign investments, easier access to technology from developed countries etc have opened up new vistas to further facilitate the growth of this industry.

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