Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Options for Plastic Waste Management

Options for Plastic Waste Management

Recycling of plastics through environmentally sound manner: Recycling of plastics should be carried in such a manner to minimize the pollution during the process and as a result to enhance the efficiency of the process and conserve the energy. Plastics recycling technologies have been historically divided into four general types
-primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. 
Primary recycling involves processing of a waste/scrap into a product with characteristics similar to those of original product. 
Secondary recycling involves processing of waste/scrap plastics into materials that have characteristics different from those of original plastics product.
Tertiary recycling involves the production of basic chemicals and fuels from plastics waste/scrap as part of the municipal waste stream or as a segregated waste.
Quaternary recycling retrieves the energy content of waste/scrap plastics by burning / incineration. This process is not in use in India.

Steps Involved in the Recycling Process

Selection: The recyclers / reprocessors have to select the waste / scrap which are suitable for recycling /reprocessing.

Segregation: The plastics waste shall be segregated as per the Codes 1-7 mentioned in the BIS guidelines (IS:14534:1998).
Processing: After selection and segregation of the pre-consumer waste (factory waste) shall be directly recycled. The post consumer waste (used plastic waste) shall be washed, shredded, agglomerated, extruded and granulated

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