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Main Features of the Plastics Manufacture and Usage (Amendment) Rules, 2003

Main Features of the Plastics Manufacture and Usage

(Amendment) Rules, 2003

Regulation of plastics waste, particularly manufacture and use of recycled
plastics carry bags and containers is being regulated in the country as per
“Recycled Plastics Manufacture and Usage Rules, 1999 and as amended
in 2003. According to these Rules:
❯ No person shall manufacture, stock, distribute or sell carry bags made
of virgin or recycled plastic bags which are less than 8 x 12 inches in
Plastic Waste Management
11.0 Recycling of plastics should be carried in a manner to minimize pollution during the process and enhance efficiency and conserve the energy

140 ❙ Parivesh ❙ Central Pollution Control Board size and having thickness less than 20 microns.

❯ No vendor shall use carry bags/containers made of recycled plastics for storing, carrying, dispensing or packaging of food stuffs;

❯ Carry bags and containers made of recycled plastic and used for purposes other than storing and packaging food stuffs shall be manufactured using pigments and colorants as per IS 9833:1981 entitled “List of pigments and colorants for use in plastics in contact with food stuffs, pharmaceuticals and drinking water”

❯ Recycling of plastics shall be undertaken strictly in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standard specification: IS 14534:1998 entitled “The Guidelines for Recycling of Plastics”
❯ Manufacturers of recycled plastic carry bags having printing facilities shall code/mark carry bags and containers as per Bureau of Indian Standard specification: IS 14534:1998 (The Guidelines for Recycling

of Plastics).

❯ No person shall manufacture carry bags or containers irrespective of its size or weight unless the occupier of the unit has registered the unit with respective SPCB/PCC prior to the commencement of production.

❯ The prescribed authority for enforcement of the provisions of these rules related to manufacturing and recycling is SPCB in respect of States  and the PCC in Union Territories and for relating to use, collection,

segregation, transportation and disposal shall be the District Collector/ Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district

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