Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Polymer Coated Bitumen Roads

Polymer Coated Bitumen Road

The CPCB has undertaken a project in collaboration with Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai to evaluate the performance of polymer coated built roads laid during 2002-2006 in different cities. The observations are as below:

❯ The coating of plastics over aggregate improves Impact, Los Angels Abrasion and Crushing Value with the increase in the percentage of plastics.

❯ The extracted bitumen showed almost near value for Marshall stability. The entire road was having good skid resistance and texture values.

❯ All the stretches in the roads have been found reasonably strong.

❯ The unevenness index values of these roads are nearly 3000 mm/km, which indicate a good surface evenness.
❯ The plastic tar roads have not developed any potholes, rutting, raveling or edge flaw, even though these roads are more than four years of age.
❯ Polymer coated aggregate bitumen mix performs well compared to polymer modified bitumen mix.

❯ Higher percentage of polymer coating improves the binding strength of the mix.

❯ Foam plastics have better binding values.

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